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Brought to you by the Basics of Law Course Committee

In this webinar, experienced practitioners will address issues arising from confidentiality, conflicts and ethical advertising.


  • Duties to the client
  • How does it fit in with privilege?
  • Beauty contests: beware!
  • When disclosure is permitted


  • General principles
  • Confidentiality screens
  • Representing more than one client
  • Transferring to a new firm
  • Business transactions with clients

Ethical Advertising:

  • Do lawyers/agents need rules on advertising?
  • Rules on advertising in Model Code
  • Changes to the rules on lawyer advertising in Ontario
  • Has the Law Society in Ontario gone far enough?
  • Role of lawyers ‎in policing ethical advertising  


Barbara J. Murchie Bennett Jones LLP
Carol Hitchman Gardiner Roberts LLP


Jeilah Chan Bennett Jones LLP

Registration Fees

1-2 people: $149
3-5 people: $299
6 or more people: $499

Non Member
1-2 people: $199
3-5 people: $349
6 or more people: $549






Participants will view the webinar’s presentation online and hear the presenters by phone or through the computer. A web link and audio coordinates will be provided to the registrant the day before the webinar.

Group Participation

Group participation is possible provided that only one phone line is used to join the audio. Therefore, you may not register a group if participants are in separate locations.

Continuing Professional Development

This program contains Professionalism or Ethics where applicable:

Law Society of Upper Canada

1 h - Professionalism

Barreau du Québec

1 h

Law Society of British Columbia

1 h - Ethics

Law Society of Saskatchewan


Law Society of Manitoba

1 h - Ethics

Law Society of Alberta

1 h - Ethics

New York CLE Board

1 h - Ethics