In view of the new Trademarks Regulations, the new CIPO Practice Notices and the Madrid Protocol coming into force on June 17, 2019, IPIC is offering a 4-part webinar series aimed at guiding trademark agents through the sweeping changes impacting their practice.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from recognized leaders in the field of trademark law and practice by attending these webinars offered free of charge to IPIC members.


      coleen_morrison.jpg                   chris_dejardin.jpg                   janet_fuhrer.jpg                   donna_white.jpg

Coleen Morrison                  Chris Dejardin                   Janet Fuhrer                     Donna White 
  Perry + Currier                    Cassan Maclean            Ridout & Maybee LLP           OslerHoskin & 
                                                                                                                                     Harcourt LLP

      christian_bolduc.jpg                   cynthia_rowden.jpg                   henry_lue.jpg                   puala_clancy.png

 Christian Bolduc              Cynthia Rowden                    Henry Lue                        Paula Clancy                    
   Smart & Biggar              Bereskin & Parr LLP              Wilson Lue LLP                     Clancy PC

      meghan_dillon.png                   barry_fong.jpg                   daphne_maravei.jpg                   richard_whissell_.jpg

  Meghan Dillon                    Barry Fong                    Daphne Maravei                Richard Whissell                         
Bereskin & Parr LLP           OslerHoskin &                Ridout & Maybee LLP              MacRae & Co.
                                              Harcourt LLP



 Registration Fees – Includes 4 Webinars (6 CPD Hours)


Individual Registration:

 Group Registration:

3 to 5 people: Free

6 to 10 people: Free

11 to 15 people: Free

16 or more people: Free


Individual Registration:

 Group Registration:

3 to 5 people: $1,279

6 to 10 people: $1,919

11 to 15 people: $2,879

16 or more people: $4,159

***Financial aid may be available to participate in this webinar. Applicants will be considered on the basis of their annual income. Inquiries:


Participants will view the webinar’s presentation online and hear the presenters by phone or through the computer. A web link and audio coordinates will be provided to the registrant the day before each webinar.

Group Registration

Group registration is possible provided that all participants are in the same room. It is not possible to register as a group if participants are in separate locations.

Continuing Professional Development

This program is eligible for up to 1.5 Substantive Hour per webinar.

Law Society of Ontario

Barreau du Québec

Law Society of British Columbia

Law Society of Saskatchewan

upon request

Law Society of Manitoba

Law Society of Alberta

Law Society of New Brunswick

New York CLE Board