IPIC makes recommendations for Canada's Innovation Agenda

Published on September 9, 2016

 IPIC has provided recommendations for Canada’s Innovation Agenda.

You can download the submission here.

IPIC makes recommendations in all of the six areas for action identified by the federal government.  These include: 


Entrepreneurial and Creative Society:

a)      Include IP in high school, college, and university programs

b)      Support programs to encourage IP development in a controlled-risk environment


Global Science Excellence

a)   Consider changes to the SR&ED program in light of the government’s innovation agenda

b)   Develop programs to help bridge the innovation gap


Compete in a Digital World

a)    Maintain or increase ISED policy-making capacity in IP

b)    Continue improvements to CIPO’s IT infrastructure


World-Leading Clusters and Partnerships

a)    Create a First Patent Program

b)    Continue to consult IP professionals on regulatory, policy, and practice changes


Ease of Doing Business

a)    Create the College of Patent and Trademark Agents of Canada

b)    Further update the Patent Act and the Trade-marks Act


Grow Companies and Accelerate Clean Growth

a)    Explore the feasibility of an innovation box

b)    Identify opportunities to increase support for clean growth through the IP framework