IPIC Submission on Proposed changes to Chapter 17 of the MOPOP

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12 May 2017


Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

Response to consultation

IPIC's Position

IPIC appreciates that the Commissioner of Patents may change prosecution practice and the procedures in the Manual of Patent Office Practice (henceforth MOPOP) at any time. IPIC also appreciates the intent of CIPO in proposing this new section of MOPOP to provide certainty and consistency in the patent examination process as it pertains to medical kits and packages. However, in view of the important changes being proposed in the Consultation Document: 17.03.04 – Kits and packages (henceforth Consultation Document) some reasoning for the proposed changes to Chapter 17.03.04 of the MOPOP would have been appreciated by IPIC.